Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come is an 11 day global prayer movement that invites Christians to pray from Ascension (21st May) to Pentecost (31st May) for more people to come to know Jesus.

Global Wave of Prayer

It is hoped that everyone who takes part will:

  • Deepen their own relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Pray for five friends or family to come to faith in Jesus
  • Pray for the empowerment of the Spirit that we would be effective in our witness  especially to those prompted by COVID-19 to seek grounds for hope and meaning  and to learn the language of sacrificial love.

After the very first Ascension Day, the disciples gathered, constantly devoting themselves to prayer while they waited for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Like them, our reliance on the gift of the Holy Spirit is total – on our own we can do nothing.

So how can you join in? Especially during lockdown!

Prayer doesn’t know boundaries and cannot be locked down. There are lots of ways to join in from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some easy ideas!

1. Pray for 5

Choose five people you would like to pray for. If you are not sure who to pray for, ask God to guide you. You may be surprised.

Remember to pray for them! Perhaps tie five knots in a shoelace or piece of string, one for each of your five people. Carry it in your pocket. Or set an alert or alarm on your phone to remind you to pray? Or stick five post-it notes on the fridge

2. Agree with others in your church that you will all stop and pray at the same time. Agree a time, light a candle and pray together – apart!

3. There are lots of downloadable prayers, children’s resources, videos and daily reflections at

Sign up for whatever you like and ignore what you don’t. Just pray! Join in the conversation on the Thy Kingdom Come Facebook page.

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