Due to our Monsters of the Sea exhibition there is restricted access to some parts of the building and the Cloisters will be closed during this period.

Our Aims

Peterborough Cathedral is aiming, over the next five years, to become:

  1. A worshipping community that is growing in size, diversity and prayerfulness.

  2. A welcoming place, where all who come feel valued, welcomed and engaged.

  3. A place that is outward-looking, serving the community, contributing to the growth and development of the city, valued by its citizens.

  4. An effective resource for the Diocese in its mission and ministry, supporting the teaching role and leadership of the Bishop.

  5. A good employer which invests in its staff, encouraging them to grow in confidence in their roles, and rewarding them appropriately.

  6. Financially sustainable, demonstrating good stewardship and investing in mission for the benefit of all.

    Chapter of Peterborough Cathedral, June 2019

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