The day to day operation of the Cathedral is supported by a large and committed volunteer team which helps out with a multitude of activities that keep the Cathedral open and welcoming to worshippers and visitors. Would you like to help?

We are currently recruiting for:

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Assistant Verger
Tower Tour Guides
Schools & Families Assistant
Visitor Centre Volunteers
Volunteer Cathedral Welcomers

The role of the volunteer at Peterborough Cathedral is a vital one.  Every area of the work and mission of the Cathedral requires the commitment of our volunteers to operate.  We currently have over 375 volunteers that serve in a wide variety of roles.   It is not necessary to be a member of the Cathedral congregation or even a regular church goer.  Our visitors come from many countries and faiths, and we welcome volunteers of any faith as well.   We do expect volunteers to be in sympathy with the mission of the Cathedral.

Volunteering helps the Cathedral, but there are also many benefits for each individual volunteer.

Why volunteer?

  • You may wish to volunteer at Peterborough Cathedral as an extension of your faith.

  • You may want the opportunity to spend time in and learn more about this beautiful, awe-inspiring building and help to preserve its heritage.

  • You may enjoy meeting people from many countries and cultures.

  • You may want to become part of our friendly, welcoming community.

  • You may want to learn new skills and build experience that can help in future employment.

"As a tower tour guide you meet interesting and enthusiastic people and share with them amazing views of the interior of the Cathedral." Geoffrey, Cathedral Guide 

“It is a privilege to be a volunteer in this Holy place.  Our Cathedral is a treasure-trove of antiquities.  Speaking with visitors not only from the British Isles, but worldwide too, whilst bringing its hidden social history to life, is extremely rewarding.”  Margaret, Information Guide


What volunteer roles are available?

We need volunteers with many different skills and interests to help in a variety of roles. 

♦ Help in the liturgical services at the cathedral

There are a variety of volunteer roles that assist in the services at the Cathedral.  Members of the congregation who are interested in becoming more involved should speak with David Wood, Cathedral Building Manager, at 01733 355302 or sacristy@peterborough-cathedral.org.uk.

♦ Provide welcome and hospitality to our visitors  

​Volunteer Welcomers

Volunteer Welcomers greet our visitors as they enter the Cathedral.  They are the first person most visitors speak with, and are the 'face of the Cathedral' to our many thousands of visitors.  As such, their role is a vital one and the Cathedral could not open each day without this team. They also answer questions and give information about events and exhibitions. 

The Volunteer Welcomer role description can be found here.  If you are interested and would like to discuss this role further, please complete the form below.

Visitor Centre volunteers

Volunteers are needed to staff the Visitor Centre and offer a welcome to our visitors from all over the world.  Centre Staff greet visitors, assist them in using the interactive interpretations, and answer questions.  Training will be provided.  For more information, please see the Visitor Centre volunteer role description

Cathedral Guides

Cathedral Guides are volunteers who love the Cathedral as a building, as a place rich in history, and as a living place of worship. They are the 'face of the Cathedral' to many of our visitors.  Guides are needed for Cathedral tours, tower and rooftop tours, and Precincts tours. Becoming a Cathedral Guide requires a short course covering Cathedral history and architecture. The next course is due to start in October 2019. If this would be of interest please contact us.

Tower Guides

Tower Guides take visitors on a tour of the Cathedral's upper storeys and out onto the roof of our central tower with its spectacular views of the city and surrounding area.  Tower guides need to be fit enough to handle the many circular staircases, and be comfortable with heights and small doorways. Training to become a tower guide can take place at any time of year. 

Information Guides (Currently not recruiting)

Information Guides staff the Information Desk near the east end of the Cathedral.  They greet visitors as they walk around and are an important part of our Ministry of Welcome.  They also answer questions about the Cathedral and take care of the Cathedral visitor book. 


Stewards are needed for the many concerts, lectures, and other special events that take place regularly at the Cathedral, as well as for our regular services.  Stewards welcome people attending the events, help with seating, and are trained to handle emergency situations.  Being a steward means free admission to some wonderful events. 

Education Assistants

Education Assistants volunteer with the Cathedral's Education department, assisting with activities during schools visits, either in the Cathedral itself or in one of the classrooms in our Visitor and Learning Centre.  A training and mentoring programme teaches volunteers everything they need to know to provide a great learning experience to the schools of Peterborough and the surrounding area.

Shop Staff

Shop volunteers staff the Cathedral shop during the Cathedral's opening hours.  Volunteers handle sales, answer questions, and keep the merchandise tidy.

♦ Maintain our heritage

Holy Dusters and Brass Polishers

The Holy Dusters and Brass Polishers work on Monday mornings to help keep the Cathedral looking good for our congregation and visitors.

Gardeners (Currently not recruiting)

Our gardening volunteers work on Thursdays from March to November to help maintain the beautiful grounds of the precincts.

Flower Guild (Currently not recruiting)

The Flower Guild provides the lovely arrangements that grace our West Front entrance and the area around the Altar and Choir.

Cathedral Library (Currently not recruiting)

The Cathedral Library volunteers are currently involved in a long-term project to gather data about all of the library’s holdings into an online Catalogue. 

♦ Help with our outreach missions

Soup Kitchen (Currently not recruiting)

The Soup Kitchen team prepare food and/or take a turn serving at the Peterborough Soup Kitchen on a Wednesday once every four weeks. 

If any of these roles interest you and you are able to give your time, either occasionally or on a regular basis, please contact:

Ed Bailey
Volunteer Coordinator
01733 355304


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