The day to day operation of the Cathedral is supported by a large and committed volunteer team which helps out with a multitude of activities that keep the Cathedral open and welcoming to worshippers and visitors. Would you like to help?

We currently have over 375 volunteers. It is not necessary to be a member of the Cathedral congregation or even a regular church goer to volunteer with us. We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, experiences and age groups and simply ask that they respect the Cathedral's Values.

We are currently recruiting for:

Volunteer gardeners. Some gardening knowledge or experience is needed. Follow this link for the:

Volunteer Gardener Role Description

Why volunteer?

Volunteering helps the Cathedral but there are also many benefits for each individual volunteer.

  • You may wish to volunteer at Peterborough Cathedral as an extension of your faith.

  • You may want the opportunity to spend time in and learn more about this beautiful, awe-inspiring building and help to preserve its heritage.

  • You may enjoy meeting people from many countries and cultures.

  • You may want to become part of our friendly, welcoming community.

  • You may want to learn new skills and build experience that can help in future employment.

To find out more about volunteering as a company or team, please see our Corporate Volunteering page.

What some of our volunteers say

"When I think about being a volunteer at the Cathedral it makes me smile! The building, its history, the staff, the other volunteers and the visitors from all around the world just make it so worthwhile. It’s time well spent!" Lydia, Welcomer 

"As a tower tour guide you meet interesting and enthusiastic people and share with them amazing views of the interior of the Cathedral." Geoffrey, Cathedral Guide 

“It is a privilege to be a volunteer in this Holy place.  Our Cathedral is a treasure-trove of antiquities.  Speaking with visitors not only from the British Isles, but worldwide too, whilst bringing its hidden social history to life, is extremely rewarding.”  Margaret, Information Guide

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator

If you are interested in a role currently being advertised, or wish to let us know of a more general interest, please contact:

Charlotte Amato-Gauci
Volunteer Coordinator
01733 355315

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