Please note that Evening Prayer will take place at St John's, Cathedral Square on 20th & 22nd May at 5.30pm due to a choir recording.

Choristerships & Auditions

Being a chorister is demanding but fun. It involves a daily commitment with rehearsals before and after school and services both on weekdays and at weekends. Choristers are given training in musical and vocal skills, and work to a professional standard in the Cathedral Choir. Every year we audition boys and girls to join the Choir.

Being a Chorister

There are many benefits in being a chorister. Boys and girls learn many life skills such as self-discipline, a sense of responsibility and teamwork, language, communication and social skills as well as musical and vocal skills. Their camaraderie, enjoyment of singing and professionalism motivate them and they are driven forward by a desire to become more and more proficient at their singing, and to take more and more responsibility for the sound of the Choir.

All choristers are educated at The King's (Cathedral) School and we recruit both boys and girls from a young age with the goal of providing choristerships for both boys and girls in years 3-8. Could your son or daughter become a chorister in Peterborough Cathedral Choir? Most opportunities are for children in school year 2 to start in the Choir in school year 3, rather than in later years.

We usually hold a Be a Chorister for a Day event (BACFAD) for children who may be interested in joining the choir during October. This will take place on Saturday 5th October 2024 (0900-1330).

Voice Trials 

Voice trials for children in school Year 2 usually take place in November, in preparation for places in the Cathedral Choir starting from the following September. In 2024 auditions take place between Tuesday 12th November to Thursday 14th November 2024 for choristerships commencing September 2025.

The Voice Trials are open to boys and girls in school Year 2, who would join the choir in September at the age of 7. Each child is asked to prepare a piece of music to sing during the audition. This could be a hymn, a nursery rhyme, a folk song etc. They will also be given musical tests, including clapping rhythms and singing back phrases, and they will be asked to read a short passage aloud.

Choristers are educated at The King’s (the Cathedral) School and serve in the choir from the beginning of school Year 3 until the end of Year 8. They rehearse before and after school, and sing for Cathedral services on weekday evenings, Sundays and on other special occasions. They also enjoy a diverse programme of concert-giving, touring and recording. At the age of 13, choristers move into the Cathedral Youth Choir to continue to develop their choral singing.

Being a chorister is demanding, for the children and those who support them, but it’s a priceless educative experience. As well as engaging with beautiful music, great architecture and wonderful texts, children learn to sing as part of a team, and develop life skills that stay with them for the rest of their days. Through singing services, giving concerts and undertaking tours, the children receive world-class social and cultural opportunities: we aim to nurture their intellectual, emotional and spiritual development. The choristers are an inclusive and diverse group of children, and choristerships invariably prove to give children a hugely enriching experience.” (Tansy Castledine, Director of Music)

Anyone interested in booking a place for the Voice Trials will be asked to complete an application form beforehand. These will be available from the Music Administrator via The deadline for the application submission is Monday 21st October 2024.

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