Family Visits

Families with children of any age are welcome at the Cathedral. There are plenty of 'hands on' things to see and do and a visit is a great day out during the holidays.

Child using Explorer BackpackExplorer Backpacks - not currently available

Little ones can explore the Cathedral using free Explorer Backpacks. They’ll receive a magnifying glass for close-up viewing, a tape measure for sizing up columns, a pair of binoculars to examine the ceilings, a torch for peering into dark corners and an activity trail suggesting things to find. The pack comes with a little teddy bear called Benedict, plus coloured paddles for a ‘stained-glass window’ view of things. The Explorer Backpacks are free to use in exchange for a refundable deposit – either £5 in cash, or your credit/debit card left securely for collection when you return the pack.

Here's what one Mum said about visiting with her two boys aged 4 and 1:

We were made to feel so welcome and had a fantastic time ... we were given an ‘explorers pack’ which both my children loved. The bear's activities inside really captured my 4 year olds imagination ... he could explore the cathedral in the way 4 year olds explore the world! He danced to the sound of the organ, explored the darker corners with his torch and even asked if he could “sit for a few moments to be peaceful”!

Monks, Mischief & Marauders coverMonks, Mischief & Marauders Activity Book

Older children can discover the Cathedral using the Monks, Mischief & Marauders activity book, created by children’s illustrator, Emma Metcalfe. These colourful guides are packed full of fun facts about characters from the Cathedral's past, plus puzzles and some terrible jokes! Monks, Mischief & Marauders is on sale at £2 per copy. You'll find it at the Welcome Desk or in the Cathedral Shop.

Get the app and follow the trail - not currently available

There is now an exciting, interactive augmented reality trail around the Cathedral using the award-winning Gamar app, which visitors can download to their phone or tablet from the Apple App Store or Google Play before they arrive. Just search for ‘Gamar Ltd’ and then download the ‘Peterborough Cathedral Trail’.

Launched by the Archbishop of Canterbury in April 2019, the app enables visitors to explore the Cathedral using visual recognition to find the trail’s stops. Each stop triggers snippets of information about the history and purpose of the Cathedral, as well as augmented reality animations, including a leaping fish in the font (see picture below). There are also hands-on games and puzzles and you can save pictures you create during the trail to share with your friends. 

If visitors would like to hear the sound effects used on some stops, they are asked to bring their headphones or keep the sound on low so as not to disturb other visitors.

leaping fish in the fontWe'd love to know what you think of the app, so do leave a comment once you have completed it! This is what one user said:

This is a fantastic way for children and adults to learn about the history of the Cathedral. Thank you for putting together such a great app.

Tower Tours

The Cathedral Tower Tours are an adventure behind the scenes, exploring the upper levels inside the Cathedral, then going outside to enjoy the view from one of the tallest towers in Peterborough. The tours happen on selected dates during the summer months and are open to ages 8+ (children must be accompanied by a responsible adult). Pre-booking is advised as there are limited places on each tour.

Tower Tour

More details are here: Tower Tour dates and booking

Outside Spaces

The green in front of the Cathedral is a great place for a picnic, or for a quieter sunny spot without any cars nearby, take a look in the Cloisters. You can get to the Cloisters by going out of the door on the right halfway down the Cathedral nave, or by taking the pathway down the right side of the Cathedral.

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