Pray & See

Everyone, from deaneries to parish congregations, and from families to individuals, are invited to join the global wave of prayer for more people to come to know Jesus.

Pray & See

Pray and See logoThis is based on our understanding that God hears and answers prayer, and that prayer is something every congregation can do – whether that congregation is three nonagenarians or a cast of hundreds of young people!

At the most basic level, members of every congregation are invited to pray specifically for five people they know to come to faith.

For those who wish to be more creative or who would like prayer resources, we are encouraging engagement with the national call to prayer Thy Kingdom Come which runs between Ascension and Pentecost. Click here for ideas and resources for all ages, as well as others that you can buy. We have some resources to give away. First come first served – contact us to find out more!

Let’s Pray and See what God will do

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