Please note that Evening Prayer will take place at St John's, Cathedral Square on 20th & 22nd May at 5.30pm due to a choir recording.

Peterborough Cathedral Ticket Sales

This information applies only to tickets sold through Peterborough Cathedral’s ticket system at and whether online, in person, or by phone. 

It does not apply to tickets sold by third parties for events held at the Cathedral (which may be available from the third party's account on Ticket Source or another provider). For ticket details of those events, please contact the organiser concerned.  

Terms and conditions 

Before making a purchase of tickets from Peterborough Cathedral, you will be asked to confirm that you have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

1.            Refunds

Once a ticket is purchased it cannot be refunded or resold by Peterborough Cathedral should the customer not be able to attend.

If the event concerned is offered at more than one time or date, Peterborough Cathedral may be able to transfer a booking to an alternative time, subject to availability.

2.            Replacement tickets

Tickets are sent to the customer by email. Please keep this email somewhere that you can find it. Should you lose the email, it is usually possible to re-send your email confirmation to you in advance of the event. To request this call please 01733 355315 or email during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9.00am – 5.00pm).

3.            Cancellation

Peterborough Cathedral reserves the right to cancel an event at short notice should this be necessary in exceptional circumstances. If an event for which Peterborough Cathedral is selling tickets is cancelled, the Cathedral will attempt to contact each patron. In doing so we will be reliant on the information held within the online ticket system, so please ensure that you have supplied the correct information when booking. Peterborough Cathedral will also advertise the cancellation of an event on their website and via social media. We will endeavour to transfer your booking to a new date, but should that not be possible a refund will be made to the original purchaser.

* Please note that should it be necessary to cancel an event due to a change in government Covid-19 regulations, we will aim to re-schedule, or refund ticket holders with the price of their tickets less a 5% administration fee. *

4.            Admission and tickets

A ticket may be used to admit the bearer to Peterborough Cathedral only for the event specified, at the date and at the time indicated on the ticket. Tickets may be presented on a phone, or on paper. Either the QR code on the ticket will be scanned, or the ticket will be manually checked.

 5.           Refusal of entry

The Chapter of Peterborough Cathedral reserves the right to refuse entry or to cancel the event at any time.

6.            Lost property

Peterborough Cathedral cannot accept responsibility for the loss of any personal items. Should you lose an item and wish to enquire whether it has been handed in, please email with details and we will try to help you.

7.            Your card transaction

Please note that when you purchase your tickets online, your card will be debited by Ticket Source (except where your tickets were bought in person).


Tickets are set up to suit individual events. These are the words usually used to describe different types of ticket:

Standard        This ticket price applies to everyone, except where a concessionary price is offered.

Adult               This price applies to all adults, except where a concessionary price is offered.

Children and young people              This price, where it is offered, applies to those aged from 3 years up to 16 years. Those aged less than 3 years, who do not require a seat but sit on an adult’s lap or in a pushchair (‘babes in arms’) are admitted free of charge.

Concession     The following are eligible for the concessionary price, should this be offered:

  • Children and young people aged 3 – 16 years (see ‘Child’’ above)

  • Anyone in full-time education at school, college or university. We reserve the right to request proof of eligibility.

Family             Family tickets are usually for two adults and up to three children aged 3-16 years, or one adult and up to four children aged 3-16 years. 

Carer   Where offered, Carer tickets are available to someone who attends solely to assist a paying ticket holder. For example, they might be signing for a deaf person, assisting someone with learning difficulties or providing help to a physically disabled person. The person being assisted buys a ticket as normal. Carer tickets are not for adults caring for children unless the child has a disability. We reserve the right to request proof of eligibility. Usually a code is needed to book a carer ticket and this can be requested via

Unreserved or unallocated     Where tickets are described as 'unreserved' or 'unallocated this means that, within the price band chosen, you have not booked a specific seat. Instead, on arrival you find a seat within the allocated area. The earlier you arrive, the more choice you have. Doors normally open 30 minutes before a performance or event.

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