Bishop of Peterborough issues Visitation Charge to the Cathedral

Friday 6 January

“Let’s work together to put things right.” That was the clear message from the Bishop of Peterborough, the Rt Revd Donald Allister, as he published his Visitation Charge to Peterborough Cathedral today.

The Bishop launched the Visitation – an inquiry into why the Cathedral had got into financial difficulties – back in the autumn. “This wasn’t about attributing blame, he says. “It was to help the Cathedral get things onto a better footing for the future.”

He has heard evidence from accountancy and other experts, and has now moved the Visitation process on to its final stage by issuing his “Charge.” This is a legal document, instructing the Chapter – the Cathedral’s governing body – what steps it must take.

“I am confident we can get this right,” Bishop Donald says. “The Cathedral has received financial and management support, and under the Acting Dean, Canon Jonathan Baker, the Chapter is moving in the right direction.”

“Sadly, some redundancies have been necessary, and some property sales, but debts are now being paid more quickly. There is still hard work ahead, and more tough decisions, but the Cathedral will be able to carry on with its vital work. We are now beginning the process of appointing a new Dean – a senior clergyperson who will chair the Chapter – and I am confident that Peterborough Cathedral has a good future and can look forward to its 900th anniversary in 2018.”

The Bishop’s Charge can be read here: Bishop’s Visitation Charge

Canon Jonathan Baker, the Acting Dean, said:

“We welcome Bishop Donald’s Charge and the Chapter has already begun to implement a number of the Directions he has made.  We are grateful for the continuing support of the Church Commissioners as we work towards a sustainable financial future. Whilst the Cathedral faces many challenges, there are also some exciting opportunities for us to seize as we move into a new phase of serving the Diocese and City of Peterborough.”

A statement from The Church Commissioners can be read here: Church Commissioners' statement 

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