8th/9th December - Disruption due to set up for concert.

Mars: War & Peace

An Artwork by Luke Jerram on display from 9th - 29th January.


Mars: War & Peace follows on from Luke Jerram's other extraordinary astronomical artworks Museum of the Moon and Gaia.

Presented with a new soundtrack at Peterborough Cathedral from 9th - 29th January 2024, a space to encourage peaceful contemplation, Mars: War & Peace provides an opportunity for the public to consider the history of human conflict around the world. Visitors will feel transported to the inhospitable desert wasteland of Mars, whilst also reflecting on the realities of war for ordinary communities on our planet.

Accompanying the Mars sculpture is a newly created sound composition by BAFTA and Ivor Novello award winning composer Dan Jones. Featuring the sounds of seas, deserts and clips from NASA missions to Mars, it also incorporates the sounds of distant bombing and people marching, as if to war.

The artwork is a fusion of Mars imagery, light and surround sound composition and will be open to the public during the day and on selected evenings. 

This is the first time that Mars: War & Peace has been displayed in a Cathedral and like other venues we have programmed a series of events to contemplate not just the beauty of the red planet but the vast wonder of space and creation.

Full details coming soon!


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