Peterborough Cathedral renews call for hosts for Ukrainian refugees

Friday 8 July

Many residents from the Peterborough area have already offered homes for Ukrainian refugees. But as the war continues, still more are still desperately needed.

Peterborough Cathedral, with partner organisation Peterborough Citizens, is working to become a focal point for anyone in this area who is planning to host, a Ukrainian family. The aim is to increase the number of homes available from the community to those who come through Citizens UK’s Communities for Ukraine matching scheme. The project aims to link local hosts with refugees from Ukraine, finding safe and stable places for those driven from their homes by the war.

Amongst the local hosts is the Cathedral, which has welcomed a Ukrainian family into a one of its properties. The Very Revd Chris Dalliston, Dean of Peterborough, said:

“We are delighted to welcome a family into the Precincts community and continue to work with them as they begin to settle into their new life here. Having had experience of the matching process, we hope to help others where we can, and walk alongside them as they apply.”

Jurgita Bilinskiene, Ukraine Project Coordinator for Peterborough Cathedral and Peterborough Citizens, said:

“The war in Ukraine is a terrible thing and sadly we cannot close our eyes and pretend it's not happening. There is a huge need to find places for refugees and our primary project goal now is to engage more people in this scheme. We're calling all those in this area who are thinking of sponsoring a Ukrainian family to get in touch. Even if you cannot yourself offer a room or house for Ukrainian refugees, please share this message asking people to join the scheme.”

Those interested in becoming a host are asked to complete the form here: Peterborough Ukraine Network Form.

Jurgita says:

“If you are not sure about becoming a host, you can email us at for advice or sponsoring tips. We can advise you on how to become a host or how to avoid some of the issues that might arise. Our multistage system lets us find the best match for you, and you are the decision maker throughout the process. You can change your mind and choose another family at any time before the final stage, with no pressure and with maximum confidentiality. In the pre-final stage, you'll have a remote meeting with a Ukrainian family, a translator (if needed) and a Peterborough Cathedral mediator. Just after that, both sides will make their final decision. It is essential that both sides’ preferences are taken into account.”

After successful matching, other support is available on an ad hoc basis, for example advice on applying for a Visa or booking a free flights with Wizz Air (courtesy of funding from The Shapiro Foundation). Pre-arrival and post-arrival tips will also be provided, and a TO-DO list for easier and faster refugee integration into your family and into the UK. For those, matched by the Communities for Ukraine scheme, Citizens UK offers Launch & Learn, a weekly remote training session to help cope with the settling in process.

Peterborough Cathedral seeks to create an information HUB and provide a well-rounded welcome from the community to those who come, as many businesses, communities, charities, and residents are keen to help Ukrainians since the war started. There are many sources of support and it is easy to get lost amongst them, so the HUB will aim to bring these resources together. Any individual, company or organization who would like to join the HUB is asked to complete the online form here: Ukrainians Support HUB.

For more information please contact


UN Women. Moldova - People fleeing the military offensive in Ukraine. Flickr

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