Could you make a pomegranate fit for a queen?

Monday 18 January

That’s what Peterborough Cathedral is inviting you to do for the Katharine of Aragon Festival this January.

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The pomegranate is Queen Katharine’s special symbol and people leave them on her tomb in Peterborough Cathedral to show their respect for her.

Queen Katharine was Henry VIII’s first wife and she was buried in Peterborough Cathedral on 29th January 1536. ‘Old Scarlett’ the Tudor gravedigger can tell you more about her in this video:

Watch the Meet ‘Old Scarlett' video

Although people can’t come to visit Katharine of Aragon's tomb in the Cathedral at the moment due to lockdown, we are inviting children and families to make a pomegranate using materials they may have at home. Then, once it is finished, post a photo or video of it on social media using the hashtag #pom21.

You could tag in any of our social media accounts:
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Under 16's could win a prize

We will look at all the entries from children, received on social media before 9.00am on Monday 1st February 2021, and pick one to receive a prize of art materials. Alternatively, you can send your entry by email to

Watch the short video below to find out how you make your pomegranate.

You will also need to download this Pomegranate Template.

Follow this link for more details of the online Katharine of Aragon Festival

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