A ‘day out in the world of Barchester Chronicles’ for Environment Agency team

Thursday 4 July

Head Gardener, Tanya Simons, has a sterling team of volunteers who help her on a regular basis, but given the scale of the green spaces in the Precincts, there are always plenty of things to be done...

So she was thrilled when the Environment Agency got in touch to offer the help of 17 of their staff for the morning on Wednesday 26th June.

The group, who are part of the Agencies’ Asset, Performance and Engineering team, were in Peterborough for their six-monthly conference and, as always, built a volunteering opportunity into their programme.

The helpers, who came from various locations across the country, were soon put to work clearing weeds and edging flower beds.

“It has been fantastic!” said Tanya. “The amount they have achieved in a short space of time has made such a big difference. Many hands make light work.”

Kate Griffiths of the Environment Agency said: “We’ve had a great time and have really enjoyed helping Tanya with the work that she does in this beautiful setting.”

As one of her colleagues added as she hoed weeds out of a gravel path: “It’s been like a day out in the world of Barchester Chronicles.”

The group finished their time at the Cathedral with a guided tour.

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