T. rex: The Killer Question

20 July to 31 August 2020

A touring exhibition from The Natural History Museum which tackles the monster mystery of how T. rex might have obtained its food.

Was it a ferocious hunter or a mere scavenger? Could it have been something in between – an opportunist and an ambush predator relying on easy pickings?

The exhibition encourages visitors to look closer at T. rex – its size, the power in its legs, the length of its arms, the sharpness of its teeth, its keen sense of smell – and how they think the animal lived. Was its physique best suited to catching and slaughtering live prey or to stealing carcasses?

This entertaining and engaging exhibition for the entire family presents the fossil evidence, scientific interpretations, and exciting scenes with lifelike animatronics to challenge what we know about the real T. rex.

The exhibition will be on show in the New Building at the east end of the Cathedral. Entry will be by ticket only, and these will go on sale in the new year. You can see some of the dinosaurs featured in the exhibition in the pictures below.

Natural History Museum logoText © The Trustees of The Natural History Museum, London

T. rex: The Killer Question was produced and developed by The Natural History Museum, London.

Can you help?

Lots of help is needed to bring this world class exhibition to Peterborough. Amongst the items needed for the installation, which will be led by technicians from The Natural History Museum, are an air compressor, pallet trucks, a lifting frame or gantry, a forklift truck and driver, a telehandler and a pair of two metre step ladders.

There is also the chance to sponsor individual dinosaurs – which one would you choose?

To find out more email operations@peterborough-cathedral.org.uk or download a leaflet with details.

T. rex eye. ©The Trustees of The Natural History Museum, LondonKeep a beady eye on things

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You may like to keep the sound on!

Some dinosaurs in the exhibition - click for larger image

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