T.rex ticket FAQs

1. What kind of things are in the exhibition?

The exhibition contains a number of animatronic dinosaurs with roaring sounds and movements of the head, tail etc, as well as some static dinosaur models, fossils and bones.

We are holding ‘quiet and still' sessions on Wednesday 27th July and Wednesday 3rd August from 9.30am to 10.30am when the sound and movement will be switched off. You can book these directly via Ticket Source if you select those dates and times.

2. The entry times are every 30 minutes, does that mean I only get 30 minutes in the exhibition?

Entry times are to help us manage visitor flow. There is no set time to leave the exhibition once you have arrived.  We expect the average visit to last around 1 hour in the exhibition, but it could be more or less than that. If you book the last slot of the day, you will not be able to stay for more than 1 hour as the Cathedral will be closing to visitors.

3. What if I want to move my booking to a different date?

It is possible to do a ticket exchange via TicketSource. They charge a £1 exchange fee. This is their process:

Customers can exchange their tickets with TicketSource via email to support@ticketsource.co.uk or by phone 0333 666 3366.

To allow TicketSource to process the exchange with the customer, the customer must purchase a new set of tickets for the correct time and date they want to attend. TicketSource finance team will then refund the original booking minus a £1 exchange fee and any delivery or telephone service fees. The customer can process this with the TicketSource team either over the phone or by email.

Whilst on most occasions customers will repurchase tickets that are like for like (i.e the same amount of tickets and same total booking cost) it is possible for the customer to also add additional tickets onto their booking. If a customer purchases tickets that are not like for like (e.g less tickets or tickets with a lower total booking cost) the difference in cost will be refunded back to the customer.

4. What if we can’t come for some unexpected reason, can I get a refund?

You could exchange your tickets for a different date in advance (see 3 above). We are not otherwise able to offer refunds. TicketSource offers you an option to insure your tickets, so you may like to consider this when you book your tickets.

5. Will we have to queue up to get in?

We will do our best to get you into the exhibition at the time specified on your ticket but please be aware that there may be some queuing on busy days.

6. Can we see the exhibition more than once on the day we visit?

It will not normally be possible to regain entry to the exhibition once you have left it.

7. Do I have to pay for a ticket my baby or toddler?

No, there is no charge for children under 3 years old and you do not need to make a booking for them.

8. I have special needs and need to ask about access, who should I ask?

The Cathedral has level access throughout the exhibition. We are also holding two 'quiet and still' sessions for those who would prefer to see the dinosaurs without movement and sound (see 1 above). For those who need a carer to facilitate their visit, a free ticket may be booked for the carer accompanying a paying customer. The carer ticket must be booked at the same time as the ticket for the person they are caring for. Please contact us to request the code to enable you to include a carer ticket in your booking. For this, or any other questions, please email info@peterborough-cathedral.org.uk or phone 01733 355315 (during office hours).

9. Do you take group bookings and is there a discount for groups?

If you are booking for a group of 13 or more people we may be able to offer a group rate. Please email us with details so that we can come back to you: info@peterborough-cathedral.org.uk.

Telephone bookings for T.rex: The Killer Question

A telephone booking services is offered by TicketSource. The box office telephone number is 0333 666 3366.

Terms of Service:

  • A telephone service fee of £1.80 applies to all completed bookings in addition to any applicable booking fee.

  • The TicketSource telephone box office service is currently available from Monday to Saturday, 9.00AM to 5.00PM (excluding bank holidays).  Calls received outside of available hours will operate on an answerphone and call back basis.

  • The telephone box office service is available via a local rate 03 telephone number.

  • Tickets for telephone bookings received more than three working days before the event may be dispatched by post, text message or email.

  • Tickets for telephone bookings received less than four working days before the event will either be sent to the customer by text message or email.

  • If a customer does not have access to text messages or email, TicketSource will supply the booking confirmation number and advise them to provide the booking confirmation number along with some form of identification on arrival at the venue.

  • TicketSource reserve the right to refuse a telephone box office application and will provide guidance in such circumstances.

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