Apple jellies for Harvest donations

Friday 2 October

Those attending the 10.30am service this Sunday (4th October) are invited to come and take a jar of homemade apple jelly (with a twist), courtesy of congregation member Kate Risdon.

Kate has produced 40 jars of delicious and imaginative jellies of various flavours. She says: "All jelly was boiled, put into sterilised jars and covered immediately. Plenty of sugar ensures a long shelf life, and I have not needed to store mine in the fridge. Apples and greengages came from my garden, and other fruit was bought from Hill Farm or the supermarket. No pectin or gelatine added."

Those who pick up a jar of jelly on Sunday are invited to make a donation to the Cathedral and Harvest charities – a little contribution to the celebration of the Harvest season. You can donate either via the contactless points in the Cathedral or via putting money into the plate on the table with the jellies (due to Covid caution, no change will be given so change that £50 note before you get here!!).

The jelly will be available as you leave in the North Portico at the West Front of the Cathedral. There are limited supplies so first come, first served.

Choose from:

  • Apple jelly with mint and lavender (traditionally served with lamb or melt in peas after cooking. It also adds a new zing to a bowl of raspberries or strawberries or ice cream!)
  • Apple jelly with summer fruits (raspberries, blackberries, red and blackcurrants)
  • Apple jelly with blackberries (slightly spiced with cinnamon)
  • Apple jelly with blackcurrants (Kate’s personal favourite)
  • Apple jelly with greengage (plus a hint of spice)
  • Apple jelly with plum (a sweet, sharp jelly with a hint of cloves – great as a condiment for cold meats, game or cheese)
  • Apple jelly with apricot and orange (tangy and sweet for toast or muffins on cold days, or to jazz up a plain sponge with hot custard!)
  • Apple jelly with ginger and raisins (made with dark brown sugar – a rich, treacly and warming marmalade alternative that’s great on hot toast on a cold morning!!)
  • Apple jelly with rosehips (try on porridge)

Thank you very much Kate for this delicious Harvest labour of love.

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