Wednesday at One

This mid-week lunchtime service takes place on selected dates during term time and focuses on a talk which aims to inform, illuminate and inspire.

Wednesday at One takes place at 1.00pm on Wednesdays in the Cathedral nave. The talk is followed by a light lunch for those who have time to stay. Usually this takes place during term time only. There is no charge but donations towards costs are welcome.

In line with current restrictions on public worship we regret that Wednesday at One as we know it will not be running from Wednesday 17th March. The Cathedral remains open for prayer and private worship, with appropriate usage of space and hygiene arrangements. There will be prayer at 1.00pm and a brief reflection relayed through the sound system for those around the cathedral, but our normal lunch will not be served. 

We apologise to those for whom Wednesday at One is an important part of the week, and expect that normal service will be resumed at the first opportunity. Keep an eye on social media and our website as we work out different ways of being church and looking after each other and the most vulnerable in our community.

Further information

Please contact Sarah Brown, Canon Missioner:

01733 355360

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