The Leaves of the Trees - an art installation

Sunday 28th November 2021 - Friday 14th January 2022
12:00 - 16:00 (each day)

A reflective memorial to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in the form of 5000 leaves, each with HOPE imprinted on it.

"The Leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations"  Revelation 22:2

“The Leaves of the Trees” installation will be visiting towns and cities around the country. It has been designed by Peter Walker Sculptor to honour those who have passed away during the pandemic, but also to allow everyone to take a moment out and contemplate what we have been through and to think about loved ones.

Designed as a reflective memorial to the pandemic the installation is made up of 5000 steel leaves with the word HOPE written on them, laid out on the floor on the steps in front of the high altar, creating a beautiful impression of autumn leaves fallen from the trees. Appearing as though naturally scattered by the wind, the leaves symbolise the past, what has transpired. However, the leaf is not only emblematic of the past but also the future. The shape of a sycamore maple leaf has been chosen as it symbolises, strength, protection, eternity as well as clarity.

Steel has been chosen as the material for the leaves, to remind us of our resilience and collective strength. As it moves around the country the steel will age, rust and change colour, just as the leaves of trees do when they fall each year. It is hoped that the simplicity and beautiful of the installation will give people the chance to pause and contemplate their own personal response to the present situation.

The project is supported by The Guild of Health & St Raphael.

Photo credit: Graham Williams

Entry to the exhibition

The Leaves of the Trees is on view during Cathedral opening hours, which are shown here: opening times

Entry to the Cathedral is by donation. No pre-booking is required.

Covid guidelines

Please read these Covid guidelines before visiting: Covid guidelines for visitors

Hope leaves on sale

Visitors can purchase a Hope leaf, in a special presentation box with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist (pictured left), from the Cathedral shop in the north aisle. These are also on sale in the Cathedral's online shop. Each Hope leaf is a bespoke and individual sculpture in its own right.

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