New Building, Peterborough Cathedral
Monday 2nd March - Friday 3rd April 2020
09:00 - 17:00 (each day)

An exhibition of paintings and drawings by Jennifer Bell.

Jennifer Bell is a successful muralist, painter and book illustrator in her commercial work. However, this exhibition is a collection of smaller paintings and drawings that express her love for the language of metaphor, and imagery that draws on her own faith.

Still lifes, portraits and landscapes feature in the exhibition and most are for sale. You can contact the artist directly via or by emailing

This is how Jennifer describes her work:

"I want to explore the crossover between the real world and the spiritual. I delight in thinking in metaphor; preferring to imagine situations and narratives (particularly scripture) in pictures.

"I believe that we are all visionary – that God can speak to us powerfully through our visual imagination as well as through spoken truths. In fact, visualising spiritual concepts can be more compelling to a world that thrives on the visual; conveying emotion, posing questions, introducing tricky themes with metaphor, allowing personal discovery and revelation without being formulaic or clichéd.

"I like to paint fairly realistically and I appreciate beautiful things – I don’t set out to be an artistic ground breaker or ‘edgy’. What I do is tell a story (or a bit of one) in each painting, introduce the viewer to it, and invite them to continue the thought for themselves."


The exhibition is free to attend, but donations are welcome.
Before your visit, please check for any changes to normal opening times here.


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