Covid-19: All we have lost

Saturday 31st October - Sunday 29th November 2020
00:00 (each day)

A prayer trail of lament and hope for All Souls and beyond.

The stations have been moved to the nave so that visitors for private prayer, during the November lockdown, can still see them. The trail is also now online as a series of YouTube videos which you can watch at the foot of this page.

This trail presents visitors with a series of displays. Each one reflects on an aspect of our recent experience of loss during the Covid-19 pandemic. The themes include jobs, confidence, trust in authority, childhood and education, music and culture, and also people, with crosses displayed to represent those in this city who have died from Covid-19.

Visitors are invited to pick up a booklet to use as they look at the stations, or to take this home with them for further contemplation. This includes questions, Bible verses, suggested prayers and prompts around each topic, to help us consider our own response to the challenges of these times.

Hope letters at the high altar. Photo by Terry Harris

The final station is a rainbow full of hope.

The figure used as the central motif of the trail is one of the people overwhelmed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius at Pompeii and turned to stone by heat and ash. Their posture speaks of one powerless in the midst of chaos, curled up in tears or prayer or both. Whilst we have faced a virus not a volcano, there is something in their plight that speaks to anyone whose world has been, even partially, turned upside down by loss or fear.


The prayer trail is available during current opening times. Please check our Current Visiting Guidelines.

There is no charge to use the trail. Donations would be appreciated and there are both cash and contactless collection boxes in the Cathedral.

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Resource for churches

Churches that would like to set up their own prayer trail using these resources are invited to email

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