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Burton Street Mosque Saturday School visits Cathedral to celebrate Fatima and Mary

Monday 8 May

The Saturday Religious School of the Burton Street Mosque (Husaini Islamic Centre), in collaboration with the Peterborough Cathedral, held a programme for its students at the Cathedral on 6 May 2017.

The programme was held to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lady Fatimah, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad.

The Burton Street Mosque and the Peterborough Cathedral joined hands to organize and coordinate this event which was entitled – Fatimah and Mary, The Pearls of Paradise.  Their aim was to foster within the students the concept of tolerance and respect towards other religions within a multi-ethnic society,

The programme, in the presence of Canon Jonathan Baker (Acting Dean of the Cathedral), Imam Shahnawaz (the Imam of the Burton Street Mosque) and City Councillor Irene Walsh (Cabinet Member for Communities), commenced with the recitations of the verses of the Holy Quran, and the Hail Mary. It consisted of skits, poems and speeches by the students of the Saturday Religious School which highlighted and praised the exalted status of these two highly favoured ladies from the two Abrahamic faiths – Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad.

Imam Shahnawaz said: "The programme was a resounding success and yet another wonderful exhibition of the unified and cohesive efforts of the Peterborough Cathedral, the Burton Street Mosque and the Peterborough City Council to further raise the bar for Peterborough as being a city with one of the most peaceful and harmonious relationships between the members of various faiths that live in it."

Canon Jonathan Baker said: “It has been a great pleasure to welcome the students from the Burton Street Mosque to the Cathedral. Focusing on the inspiration we find in figures like Mary and Fatima has been a great way to help us understand and respect one another’s faiths more fully. I am grateful to Imam Shahnawaz for organising this event and giving us the opportunity to continue the good relationships between different faith communities in our city.”