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Old Choristers Association

Former choristers of Peterborough Cathedral are invited to become members of the Peterborough Cathedral Old Choristers Association.

Read the Old Choristers Association's 2016 newsletter

The objects of the Association are to:

a) establish and maintain links between old choristers;
b) encourage the members to continue to participate in the life of the Cathedral.

Evensong with Peterborough Cathedral Old Choristers' Association

The Association is always glad to hear from members with whom it has lost touch over the years. Despite its historical title and existence from 1910, membership is not restricted to the 'old' and currently includes a good number of choristers who have recently finished in the Choir. Former choristers of all ages are welcome.

The Association currently boasts over 375 male and female members and continues to meet annually in September, for the Annual General Meeting, to join with the current choir to sing Choral Evensong, to enjoy the annual reunion dinner and to make new friends as well as reuniting old ones.

The Association’s annual Christmas newsletter continues to provide news of the Cathedral, members and other announcements to members right across the world.

The Association is also a founder member of the Federation of Cathedral Old Choristers' Associations, more details of which can be found at

Membership of the Association costs £15 per annum helping former choristers to keep in touch with the Cathedral and its music today.

Further information

Enquiries about the Association should be addressed to:

The Honorary Secretary
Simon Wilkinson
Glapthorn Manor 

Tel: 07946 224167