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Peterborough 900

Personal Giving

There are a number of ways you can help and a variety of particular projects where we would like to encourage your particular support at this stage of the Campaign.

Personal Giving: how you can help

We have many individual supporters to the Campaign, many paying monthly contributions to certain projects or pledging support in instalments to 2018. Other individuals are in the position to make a one-off gift. All donors are kept in touch with developments and invited to future Peterborough 900 events. All donors over £250 are given one year's complimentary membership to the Company of St Peter.

Reception with donors in the Cloister

The Gift of a Lifetime brochureWe also encourage individuals to consider leaving a legacy to Peterborough Cathedral and to join our Legacy Ambassadors' Guild. These gifts build the Cathedral's endowment fund and make sure that the projects we are creating now can continue to thrive in future years.

Personal donations and bequests are clearly highly sensitive matters and we want you to take the best advice for your particular circumstances. Please read our legacy guidelines about what advice you may need from a solicitor.

If you feel you are in a position to help us in your will, it would greatly assist us if you would complete our pledge form (Word doc.) and  tell us about your proposed gift. This really helps to give us an idea of how much long-term activity we can commit to now. It also means you can have more impact on the life and mission of the Cathedral and gives us a chance to thank you properly.

To discuss any of these matters or for more information, please contact the Campaign Team.

Members of the Campaign's Legacy Ambassadors' Guild

Sharon and Jay Abbott

As strong believers in music and faith, our legacy gifts to the Cathedral’s Music Department mark a debt of gratitude for the Cathedral’s commitment to music and education. As parents of a Chorister, the least we can offer is to pay toward the honour and commitment made to our family by the Cathedral, so without hesitation we have done this. Our lives, and the lives of so many others, are enriched by the Cathedral’s ambassadors though sermon, song and education. We are delighted to be able to leave a legacy to support the continuation of musical excellence in our local community.

Mary BoyallMary Boyall

As a child, maybe 7 or 8 years of age, I was taken by my maternal Grandmother to hear a concert in the Cathedral. The Orchestra was the London Philharmonic conducted by Sir Adrian Boult. I remember two things very clearly. The hard wooden seat I sat on (at the end of a row so I could see) and the huge building that I was in. To me as a young child it was almost over-powering. Little did I realise many, many years later how important the Cathedral would become to me. I am one of the “lucky ones” able to retire in the 1990s before a due retirement date. I was wondering what I could do and met Sylvia and Christopher Gower in John Lewis and was encouraged by Sylvia to do some voluntary work at the Cathedral. Since 1994 it has simply become a huge part of my life and that of my dear late husband, Gordon. From the wonderful Sunday Eucharist, guiding, working with The Friends, helping in the café, working in the shop; so many things have come my way. But above all it is the wonderful memories I have of Gordon and I leaving the Cathedral Shop – then in the Western Range – and looking up at the glorious West Front bathed in sunshine (which I think occurs more than we imagine) and seeing Man’s work to the glory of God. I am filled with joy every time I enter the Cathedral Close and if my legacy can help in a small way to preserve this building to God then I am so grateful. May I say to anyone reading this that a legacy left to the Cathedral will maintain the mission for future generations and will sustain the life of the building and bring joy to people in the future as it does now.

Elizabeth KnightElizabeth Knight

My appointment as the Dean’s Secretary in 1993 brought me to Peterborough and to worship regularly at the Cathedral. Over the last twenty years it has been exciting to see the way in which, through all kinds of change, challenge and sometimes turmoil, the life of the Church here has deepened and extended. But there is so much more to be done as we worship God together and seek to be effective as salt and light in our community. To enable this to happen, greater financial resources are inevitably required. Although my own resources ‘in the present’ are limited, the way in which I have chosen to be able to be involved at this level and contribute in support of the mission and ministry of the Cathedral, is to include a legacy in my Will. This I have expressed as a percentage of my estate so that however much is left when that day comes, the Cathedral will receive an appropriate proportion. The Cathedral has been here for 100s of years and, God-willing, it will be here for 100s to come so while I can’t give today, I am comforted to know I have given ‘tomorrow’!

Mike LearoydMike Learoyd

On a personal note, my wife and I are very keen on opera and spend a lot of time, perhaps too much, in pursuing our hobby. It is a small step, in terms of the sung word, from opera to sacred music, as many of the world`s greatest composers can attest. A sudden thought struck me most forcibly when we were at the Advent Procession in the Cathedral in December 2011. What if future generations were denied the opportunity to hear, say, the Verdi Requiem in such a beautiful setting through lack of facilities and lack of funds? Such musical (and mystical) experiences deserve to be perpetuated.

Brian LongBrian Long

When I came to Peterborough nearly thirty years ago my office had a wonderful view of the Norman Arch and the West Front beyond. I considered it the finest view in the city! Working so close to the Cathedral gave me the opportunity to walk across for Evensong, which I found spiritually refreshing at the end of the working day. This brought me into contact with successive Deans and, shortly before I retired, I accepted Michael Bunker’s invitation to join the newly established Development and Preservation Trust, and worked for several years on the successful 1996 Appeal. As a Christian who happens to worship elsewhere each Sunday, I nevertheless feel a strong attachment to this great house of prayer which, in a sense, represents the cradle of Christianity in this part of England. From their 7th century origins, the successive buildings on this site have been beacons of Christian worship, despite attack, physical destruction and the shifting sands of secular opinion. And so I hope that, by including a legacy in my will, I can leave something behind me that in some small way will help extend these centuries of Christian witness into the future.

Sally Trotman

Peterborough Cathedral is not only a vibrant worshipping community but also an architectural and cultural icon for the City and far beyond. I have been part of the congregation for around 20 years and as a Trustee and a member of Chapter I am very conscious of our duty to uphold the work of the Cathedral now and for future generations, and of the costs that this involves. Leaving a legacy in my will is a simple and painless way of ensuring that even when I have died, I can continue to contribute to the life of this wonderful place.

Anonymous bequest

Peterborough is a stunning Cathedral, but more importantly, for Anglicans like myself, it is our Mother church. Although I feel very strongly that we all need to support our parish churches, we should also give in our wider local community. I do not have large amounts of spare cash to spend during my life, but at the end of it I feel that I can do something for the Cathedral, so am making a legacy in my will. If many of us made bequests in this way, the future of the Cathedral’s fabric and mission would be more secure.

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Peterborough 900 Campaign

Individual Donors

We would like to thank the following individuals who have given generously to Peterborough 900. Also, to the numerous donors who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Mr Richard Abbott 
Mr Jay Abbott 
Mrs Sharon Abbott 
Mr Clive Adams 
Mr Richard Adams DL 
Mr R Adams 
Mr Richard Akister 
Mr Mark Allebone 
Mr Ian Allin 
Dr Janice Allister 
Mr Brendan Alston 
Mrs Wendy Amos 
Mr P Amott 
Lord Jeffrey Archer 
Mr Keith Archibold 
Mr E Arthey 
Mr Richard Astle 
Cllr John Bailey 
Mr Christopher Bailey 
Miss S Baldock 
Mrs Helen Ball 
Mr Kenneth Barber 
Mrs Lesley Barker 
Mr John Barnard 
Mrs Sandra Barnes 
Mrs Jane Barrow 
Mr Christopher Bathurst 
Mr David Bayes 
Mr John Bell 
Mr Simon Bellamy 
Mrs Patricia Bendall 
Mr Michael Bendall 
Mr Michael Benn 
Mr Chris Benn 
Mr John Bennett 
Mr Andrew Bennett 
Mr J Benyon 
Dr John Birkhead 
Mr Geoff Blake 
Dr Peter Boizot MBE DL 
Mr Allan Bowers 
Captain Robert Boyle DL 
Mr P Bradbury 
Lady Caroline Brassey 
Mr Andrew Brock 
Mr Philp Brown 
Mrs Caroline Burnaby-Atkins 
Mrs Pearl Burton 
Mrs M Butler 
Mr Raymond Butt 
Mr Willum Butterfield DL 
Mr David Buxton 
Mr Christopher Capron 
Revd Canon Richard Cattle 
Mr Michael Chamberlain 
Mr Dennis Chamberlain 
Dr Gordon Chambers 
Miss M Clapperton 
Dr Jacqueline Clarke 
Mr John Clarke 
Mrs Rachael Clarke 
Mr Bruce Clayton 
Mr J David Clifton 
Professor Frank Close 
Mr Timothy Coghlan 
Mr Elvin Cole 
Miss Elizabeth Anne Cole 
The Revd Richard Coles 
Mr Ian Collcott 
Mr Chris Collier 
Mr Peter Cooch 
Mrs J Cooper 
Mr J Cooper 
Revd D Coulton 
Mr R W Cox 
Dr Brian Cromie 
Mr Dennis Crouch 
Mr Colin Crowley 
Mrs Judith Cundell 
Mr John Cunliffe 
Sir David Davenport-Handley OBE DL
Mr Anthony David 
Mr Keith Davidson 
Revd Canon Hilary Davidson 
Mrs Louise Davies 
The Hon Mary Rose de Lisle 
The Rt Hon the Lord John De Ramsey DL 
Mr Christopher Dean 
Dr Beryl Dennis 
Mr Richard Dicks 
Mr Michael Dove Esq, DL 
Mr Keith Drew 
Mrs Catherine Drewett 
Mr A Duberly CBE 
Mr James Dyer 
Mr Noel Edis 
Miss Anne Edis 
Mr Michael Eley 
Sir Peter Ellwood 
Mr John Ervin 
Mrs Penny Escombe
Mr Robert Facer 
Mrs Linda Fairbrother 
Mr James Fanshawe 
Mr Roger Fellows 
Mr Barry Ferguson 
Mr Glen Fiddy 
Mr Paul Fieldhouse 
Ms Janet Firminger 
Mrs Lois Fletcher 
Mr Peter Flory 
Mr John Ford 
Mr Tom Forde 
Mrs Sarah Forsyth 
Mr Christopher Gill 
Miss Esme Godden 
Sir John Goldring JP DL 
Mrs Anne Goodman MBE DL 
Mr Simon Goodman 
Revd Derek Gough 
Dr Penelope Gough 
Mr Robin Green 
Mr Mike Greene 
Mr Richard Greener 
Mr Jeffrey Greenwell 
Mr Peter Greenwood 
Mr T Greer 
Ms Penny Griffin 
Mr Geoffrey Groome 
Mr Peter Gutteridge 
Mrs Dorothy Halfhide 
Mr Peter Hall 
Dr Peter Halstead 
Mr Peter Handley 
Mary Hargrave 
Mr Richard Harman 
Mr Ian Harper 
Sir Ewan Harper MA CBE 
Lady Rachael Harris 
Mr Tim Hart 
Mr V Harvey 
Mrs Caroline Hawkins 
His Honour Judge Philip Head 
Mr Paul Heath 
Mrs Clare Heath 
Mr Bart Hellyer LLB 
Reverend Ray Hemingray 
Mr A Hemsley 
Mrs Gwenne Henricks 
Ms Nikki Herbert 
Mr John Higgs 
Mrs Diana Hindley 
Mr Tim Hitch 
Miss Sheila Hoare 
Mr Louis Hodgkinson 
Mr Dominic Hopkins 
Mr John Horrell 
Mrs J Houghton 
Dr Laurence Howard OBE JP PhD 
Mr David Howlett 
Lady Sue Hunt 
Dr David Hunter 
Mrs G Hurst 
Mr Tim Hurst-Brown 
Mr David Hutchinson 
Mr Peter James 
Mr Nicholas Jardine 
Mrs Jacqui Kavanah 
Mrs Petronella Keeling 
Mrs Barbara Keene 
ACM Sir Jock Kennedy GCB AFC 
Professor Michael King 
Canon Elizabeth Knight 
Mr David Laing DL, MA, RIBA, 
Mr David Laking 
Mr Tom Lane 
Mrs Edith Laprun 
Mr Henry Laprun 
Mr James Lawson 
Mr Peter Lawson DL 
Mr Mike Learoyd 
Mr Peter Lee 
Canon Julian Limentani BSc RIBA 
Mr Bernard Livesey 
Mr Peter Lloyd 
Mr David Lowe 
Mr Neil Lyon 
Mrs Pat Lyon 
Mrs M Mackreth 
Mr A Maddocks 
Mr Alan Matthias 
Mr Ian McAlpine 
Miss Anne McDonald 
Mrs Pauline McGibbon 
Mrs Brigit McMullan 
Dr J McQuillan 
Mrs E Megahey 
Mr J Merry 
Mr David Michel OBE 
Mrs Jane Micklethwait 
Dr Mervyn Miller 
Mr Andrew Milne 
Mr Peter Mimpriss 
Mr Pieter Mommersteeq 
Mrs Rachel Mortimer-Richardson 
Lady Morton DL 
Mr Graham Mudditt 
Dr Ahmed Mukhtar DL FRCP FRCPCH 
Mr Michael Naisby 
Rt Hon Lord Naseby 
Dr David Nevison-Andrews 
Mr John Nicholson DL 
Mr Ian Nicholson 
Mr T O'Connor 
Ms Laura Oliphant 
Mrs Tor Owen 
Mr J Parker 
Sir John Parsons KCVO 
Mr Paul Parsons 
Mr Jonathan Pearson 
Mr Michael Pearson 
Mr Michael Percival 
Mr Roy Phillips 
The Revd Canon Frank Pickard BSc MA 
Mr D. Pickering 
Mrs Tai Lee Pitkin 
Mr Bob Poole 
Mr Simon Powis 
Mr Barry Proctor 
Mr Jonathan Radway 
Mrs Roseanne Rathach 
Dr David Reid 
Mr A Rice 
Mr Andrew Roberts 
Mr Mark Robertshaw 
Mr Nicholas Robertson 
Sir John Robinson Bt 
The Rev. Canon Paul Rose 
Mrs Susan Rose 
Mr David Rosser 
Mr Peter Rushton 
Revd D Saint 
Mrs Y Sandison 
Mr N Sanne 
Mr Paul Saunders 
Mr John Saxby 
Mr Geoffrey Sayers 
Mr Richard Scammell 
Mr A Scarborough 
Mr Guy Schanschieff MBE 
Mr Simon Schanschieff OBE DL 
Mrs Judy Shannon 
Mrs Judith Shephard 
Mr James Shepherd-Cross 
Mrs Felicity Shippobotham 
Mr Graham Shorter 
Mr Jim Shuttleworth 
Cllr George Simons 
Mr Gavin Simpson 
Mr Peter Singlehurst 
Mr John Skinner 
Mr M Smith 
Mr Stuart Smith 
Mr David Smith 
Mrs Barbara Smitheringale 
Mr Paul Southworth 
Mr Alyn Spillett 
Mr Alexander Spires 
Mr Jeremy Spires 
Ms Anna Spriggs LLB 
Mr Steve Stafford 
Mr David Stanley 
Mr G Steptoe 
Mr Peter Stevens 
Mr Stoddart 
Mr Brian Stokes 
Mr David Stopes 
Mr Robin Sturgess 
Mrs Stella Sudds 
Mr Martin Sutcliffe 
Lt Col Anthony Swallow 
Mr John Tapsell 
Mrs Anne Taylor 
Mr Keith Thomas 
Mrs Marian Thory 
Mr John Thory 
Mrs Joan Toby 
Mr Robert Tomkinson 
Mr Vernon Toms 
Mr Andrew Torbell 
Mrs Thelma Toyne 
Mrs Sally Trotman 
Mr Chris Trotman 
Mrs June Vajda 
Mr Cliff Varnon 
Mr Stephen Verrall 
Mr Fred Vinton 
Mrs Patricia Wakeford 
Mr Peter Wakeford 
Mr Robert Wardle 
Mr John Wardle 
Mr Peter Warner 
Mr J B Watson 
Miss Tessa Watts-Russell 
Colonel Jim Weir OBE, TD 
Mrs Hilary Weiss 
Mr John Wells 
District Judge Anthony Wharton 
Mr P White 
Mr John White 
Mr Peter Wilkinson 
Mr David Williams 
Mr A. Wills 
Mrs Jennie Wills
Mr Michael and Mrs Juliet Wilson MBE
Mr David Wood 
Mr Roger Wood 
Mr Edward Woods 
Mrs E Wright 
Mr Neville Wright 
Mr Arthur Wright 
Mr Amiele Yarwood-Burke 
Mr David Young

Donor names are listed in publications and online when the donor(s) did not request anonymity on their gift card. If you would like to amend how your name appears, or if you would like it to be removed completely, please contact the Campaign Office.

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